The Pirate Ships of Hallstatt

The Pirate Ships of Hallstatt

Hallstatt is basically a small village on the western part of Lake Hallstatt in the Alps region of Austria. Its 16th century Alpine homes and winding alleyways are featured attractions for tourists. A walk leads to Lake Hallstatt, which is known for its famous underground salt mines. A circular walkway leads to the famous Skywalk Hallstatt, where there is a funicular railway and a spiral staircase leading to a staircase that takes you to the top of the waterfalls.


The salt mine activity began in the thirteenth century and continued up to the fourteenth century. The Hallstatt culture dates back to the sixth through seventeenth centuries and was initiated by the Vikings. The Hallstatt tradition involves building a wooden cabin on the lake with stone walls, fireplaces, doorways made of granite, pillars and windows made of stained glass. The interior was painted with earthenware and the walls were lined with salt deposits. This helped the immigrants to stay safe from the hostile climate.


The Hallstatt ironworks have changed little over the years. The buildings and homes have fine art paintings of local scenes. The most popular theme for the artwork is nature or mountain scenes. Some of the homes built in Hallstatt have been turned into salaamotels, train stations and hotels. Tourists often visit the Hallstatt Museum which has an antique oil lamp, a dummy steam engine, a bronze hunting dog and other interesting artifacts.


When traveling through the town you will notice that the majority of houses are of log cabins. The houses in Hallstatt are relatively old and the interior decoration is done in patrician style. The craftsmen have maintained the simplicity of the original art work of the seventeenth century. The upper Austria cuisine is based on fish and chips and tourists who eat at these traditional Hallstatt restaurants notice that the food is served in clay pots.


In addition to the authentic antiquarian objects that can be found in Hallstatt, tourists will find a wide range of objects in museums. The museum buildings in Hallstatt house various art works including ancient metalwork, ceramic and terracotta sculptures, oil lamps and salt boxes. The Iron Swords of Hallstatt is particularly impressive as it is a display of two hundred and twenty-five iron swords. There are also reproductions of Celtic and medieval manuscripts.


There is an exciting opportunity to visit the British Museum of London which are only 60 miles from Hallstatt and the train ride offers a panoramic view of London. You could also try the famous Baltic Railway which gives visitors the chance to see picturesque landmarks such as Birkenhead and Welling to name a few. For those who want to travel by tram or coach then you can pick up the information about these journeys from the station information desks.