Enjoy Your Stay in Albania

Enjoy Your Stay in Albania

Albania, on the Mediterranean Peninsula, is an independent country with Adriatic and Ionian coastline and an interior bordered by the majestic Albanian Alps. The small country has a number of cultural landmarks and spectacular castles. Tirana, the capital, centers on long-stretching Skanderbeg Square, home to the National History Museum. Other key tourist attractions include the ruined town of Pristina, the National Gallery in Skopje, the Theater Palace in Skopje, the Fish Market in Mitrovic and the National Library in Algiers.


Albania’s landscape varies from rolling hills to deep ravines and the country is home to a range of diverse landscapes. Geographically, the country is divided into three parts: Caspian Sea, South Western Alps and Central mountains. The highest peaks are Mount Herpestina in the South, Montezuma in the Southwestern and Cati Lagoon in the Central part. Across the volcanoes of this region, you can enjoy a wide variety of water activities such as swimming, diving and sailing.


Although popular with local cyclists, mountain biking is an alternative means of transport in this part of the world. You can explore the breathtaking countryside on foot or cycle between the villages. There are a number of off-road cycling trails ideal for beginners and experienced riders. If you enjoy hiking, then try to find a good spot on Mount Elgon, the highest mountain in Albania.


When it comes to natural beauty, Albania undoubtedly scores big. You can admire the striking mountains and lakes all over the country. The northern area boasts of extensive forests, especially on the west and the east. The highlands of Albania are perfect for trekking and camping. Trekking starts from the towns of Gjak Stefan and Lotbini, where you can go deep into the mountains. You can also enjoy a variety of walking trails in the countryside.


There is more to the great outdoors than just hiking though. During summer, you can enjoy swimming in the many lakes and rivers. For hikers, the best place to start is at the El Ghriba and Gjak Stefan National Parks. In addition, you can try to tackle the formidable Tsodilo Falls. If you want a more challenging trek, then try the Laingo Hocky and the Alise Canyon.


Cycling is another popular activity in Albania. Mountain bikers can explore the tracks in the mountains. Most people cycle from the capital city of Tirana to the southern part of the country. It is possible to cycle on the long stretches of road along the Mediterranean plain. If you want to get a closer look to the natural landscape of Albania, then you should try cycling on the Elba National Park.